Chemical Processing

Paratherm heat transfer fluids are used in numerous chemical manufacturing processes requiring uniform precision heating and cooling. Equipment applications include heating and cooling of chemical reactors, reboilers, distillation towers, jacketed vessels, platens/presses, autoclaves etc.


Chemical Processing Heat Transfer Fluid

Whether for heating reactors and maintaining high temperatures (bulk temperatures up to 675°F) or for extreme process cooling/exothermic heat removal at the lower end of the scale (down to -96°C) Paratherm has chemical processing heat transfer fluids, and the experience, to provide expert knowledge to serve a wide range of applications in the chemical processing industries (CPI).

In distillation applications, jacketed equipment, mixers, dryers, condensers, laboratory equipment, heat exchangers and more, Paratherm’s nine chemical manufacturing thermal fluids are designed to handle a range of conditions and circumstances in addition to their capabilities throughout the temperature range of liquid-phase-only systems.  These additional conditions include:

  • Single-fluid heating and cooling (3 fluids)
  • Food-grade, Non-Toxic (3 fluids)
  • Non-aqueous, non-glycol cooling (1 fluid)
  • Non-sludging (1 fluid)
  • High Flash and Fire Point (1 fluid)
  • Cryogenic Range (1 fluid)
  • Synthetic/Aromatic (2 fluids)

Paratherm also has developed three system-cleaning liquids.

  • Clean mineral-oil systems as they run
  • Clean mineral-oil systems overnight
  • Clean systems running synthetic/aromatic fluids, as they run


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