Oil & Gas Processing

Paratherm heat transfer fluids are used in numerous oil and gas production techniques requiring uniform precision heating. Temperature sensitive processes such as amine regeneration and high efficiency distillations are well served by Paratherm heat transfer fluids to provide responsive temperature control for critical process operations.

In petroleum refining operations, used oil recycling, gas processing, and alternative fuels, Paratherm provides heat transfer fluids, system cleaning liquids, and technical services.

With an upper range to 675°F, Paratherm HR™ Heat Transfer Fluid, a synthetic aromatic based fluid, will handle the most demanding distillation and refining applications.

Another synthetic aromatic, the Paratherm™ GLT heat transfer fluid gives long-lasting, durable service up to 575° with a lower start-up temperature (18°F) than mineral-oil based heat transfer fluids.

Of particular interest for gas plants seeking non-toxic, biodegradable fluids where there may be environmental concerns as well as cold-start needs, Paratherm™ MR operates up to 550°F and has a minimum operating temperature of 36°F and a minimum startup temperature of -37°F.

Also non-toxic, Paratherm™ NF non-fouling heat transfer fluid has a maximum recommended operating temperature up to 600°F in fired heaters, and a minimum startup temperature of 23°F.

Paratherm also has developed three system-cleaning liquids.

  • Clean mineral-oil systems as they run
  • Clean mineral-oil systems overnight
  • Clean systems running synthetic/aromatic fluids, as they run


Thermal Fluid Systems in Gas Processing Hydrocarbon Engineering Magazine

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