Liquid Phase System Cleaner

All heat transfer fluids are prone to degradation over time. If left unchecked, degradation products can accumulate causing fouling of heat exchange surfaces and reduced performance and reliability of the system. Paratherm offers three specialty liquid phase system cleaners engineered to rescue and restore fouled heat transfer systems. Paratherm EC and Paratherm AC are additive heat transfer system cleaners used at a small fraction of the system volume and designed to clean the system during normal operation, with no flushing steps required. Paratherm SC is a specialized concentrated liquid phase system cleaner designed for smaller volume systems with moderate to severe fouling.

Paratherm™ EC Continuous Thermal Cleaning Fluid

• Additive cleaner requires no system downtime or flushing fluids
• Restores system performance by breaking up sludge deposits
• Compatible with mineral oil heat transfer fluids

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Paratherm™ SC

SC Thermal System Cleaner

  • Concentrated formulation for heavy duty cleaning of smaller circulating systems
  • Dissolves and disperses carbon deposits for ease of removal
  • Compatible with glycol or petroleum-based fluid residues
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