Standard Fluid Analysis

The Standard Analysis is recommended for larger-volume systems, systems operating at high temperatures (>450F) and systems that have not added other brands of fluid.

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This analysis package includes Distillation Range, Acid Number and Viscosity tests. The Distillation Range can determine whether any changes in the fluid properties are due to degradation or contamination. It can also distinguish between different types of degradation. The Acid Number test is an excellent predictor of future problems since the acids it measures are the raw materials for carbon sludge and fluid gelling.

When you buy The Standard Analysis, you will be prompted to provide a complete shipping address, because we immediately send you a kit (shown in picture) containing a jar, labels, instructions, and packaging for returning the sample to our lab for analysis.

Service includes a report comparing the results with new fluid, results evaluation, and a one-on-one telephone discussion of possible fluid and system problems revealed by the testing.


The Quick Analysis is recommended for smaller volume systems, portable temperature control units and systems that have a mixture of fluids.